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Welcome to Sharp Physiotherapy In Doncaster & Lincoln

We're not just about treating pain; we're about empowering you to live your optimal life.

Are You Looking For Physiotherapy In Doncaster Or Lincoln?

The Sharp Physiotherapy Team is one of the leading providers of physiotherapy in Doncaster and Lincoln. We specialise in helping patients of all ages and fitness levels to remain active, independent and free from painkillers.

Whether your goal is to walk the dog without knee pain, put your socks on without back pain or shake off a reoccurring running injury, we have got you covered.

We treat all musculoskeletal and sports injuries and have a particular interest in helping patients 40+ to stay active. We believe age is just a number, and do not accept “getting old” a reason for living a life limited by pain.

What Hurts?

Back Pain

Do you have a constant ache in your back? Struggling to get your socks on? Pain rolling over in bed? Is it keeping you up at night? Have you become reliant on painkillers to get through the day? Maybe you got rid of the pain once but now it has come back?

Neck Pain

Are you struggling to turn your head? Does lifting your head off your pillow cause a sharp pain in your neck? Is your pain worse in the morning or the evening? Can’t check your blind spots when driving?  Could your headaches be stemming from your neck?

Shoulder Pain

Do you have pain when laying on your shoulder? Is sleep becoming more difficult? Pain putting your arm in a coat or reaching for your seat belt? Are you losing movement in your shoulder? Have you lost strength? Can’t get your arm above your head?

Foot & Ankle Pain

Is your heel stiff in the morning? Are you struggling put your foot down when you first get out of bed? Is walking the dog an impossible task? Do you keep rolling your ankle? Big toe swollen? Have you found your self months down the line with no sign of things improving? If so, you have come to the right place.

Knee Pain

Is knee pain disrupting your walking? Is it getting worse? Does going up and down stairs make things feel worse? Pain when bending your knee? Is your knee clicking or locking? Is your knee swelling up? Are you needing more and more painkillers to get through the day?

Sports Injuries

Do you keep pulling your calf? Are you weeks down the line but still struggling with a pulled hamstring? Have you got stubborn groin pain that is still grumbling on months down the line? Does your knee feel unstable? Do you keep rolling your ankle?

What Is A Free Discovery Call?

We offer a Free Discovery Call with a member of the physio team. When you request a free discovery call, a member of our team will pick up your enquiry and will contact you at a time that suits you.

A free discovery call is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have without committing to an appointment explore and discuss your injury and our service without any financial commitment. It allows you to learn more about what’s offered and determine if it aligns with your needs before making a decision.

Similarly, it helps us establish whether physiotherapy is right for you and help you make the very best decision on your health.

Request A Free Discovery Call

And ask all the questions you need to regarding your injury.

Private Vs NHS Physio – What Is The Difference?

Is there a difference between private and NHS physiotherapy? If so, what exactly is the difference? Is one better than the other? How do I know which one is best for me? Do all physio’s just give out exercise sheets?

In the pursuit of optimal health and recovery, individuals often find themselves at the crossroads of choosing between NHS and private physiotherapy. Both avenues offer valuable resources, but understanding the differences will enable you to make the very best decision on your health. If you have found your self asking any of the questions above, this one is for you.

Read More About NHS Vs Private Physio

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Prices? And Do I Need To Block Buy My Sessions Up Front?

Initial consultations are either 45 minutes or 60 minutes and the price is £65-80. Follow up treatments are either 30,45 or 60 minutes and the price is £50, £65 or £80. The length of treatment is determined by the nature of the injury and whether there are multiple areas that need treatment.

You do not need to block book your sessions and can book as you go. However, for those who will need more sessions or want to save some money we have some great treatment packages available.

To help you further understand the price of treatment and give you more of an idea of what it will cost to fix your injury please check out our recent blog.

Do You Treat Children?

We certainly do and a large percentage of our caseload are active 11-16 year olds. If you have a son or daughter under 11 please call the reception and our team will be able to advise whether we can help. If we can not help, we will be able to point you in the right direction.

Do You Only Treat Sports People?

Absolutely not. Although we see sports people, the vast majority of our caseload is people who are 40+ that want to remain active and free of painkillers.

I Have Had Physio Before & Was Given An Exercise Sheet That Did Not Work. How Are you Any Different?

At our clinic, we differentiate ourselves by going beyond providing generic exercise sheets. While specific rehab exercises play a crucial role in offering a lasting solution, we take a hands-on and outcome-focused approach to physiotherapy.

Can I Request To See A Female Physio?

Absolutely, you can simply communicate your preference of a female therapist with our front desk team. They will be able to accommodate your request and ensure you receive the treatment you are comfortable with.

What Do I Need To Wear? Do I Need To Take My Clothes Off?

The thought of getting in to your underwear, with a stranger and on your first visit is a daunting one and enough to put anyone off having physio but rest assured this is not the case. For a neck or upper limb injury we recommend a sports bra or a low back vest top and for a lower back, hip or lower limb injury we recommend loose shorts.

Meet the Founder Joe Sharp

Joe is a former professional football Physiotherapist and Sharp Physiotherapy first began in 2019 from Joe’s shed.

Since then, the clinic has grown in to large physiotherapy team and is one of the leading providers of physiotherapy in Doncaster and Lincoln.

The founding vision was to deliver a level of injury management normally reserved for professional athletes to all patients, regardless of age or sporting interest.

The treatment techniques and rehab protocols we have developed through years of treating professional sports people have been transferred to private practice, with great success.

See what our Doncaster and Lincoln

Physio Patients Have to Say

DarrenBack Pain

It's difficult to put in to words how great the team at Sharp Physiotherapy in Doncaster are. I was staring down the barrel of spinal surgery for a large herniated disc and had no feelings in my legs. I was petrified and tried Lucy in the hope of avoiding surgery. Following a consultation Lucy set to work on my back with numerous hands on treatments. As a long term sufferer, the exercises and treatment I received was exceptional. It was completely different to anything I had ever known. To cut a long story short they simply changed my daily existence. I was able to avoid surgery, return to normality along with work and I can not thank the team enough.

JimmyGroin Pain

Saw Sam & Joe for Physio in Lincoln and they quickly diagnosed me with a sportsman's hernia. I had surgeons telling me I did not have a hernia but the lads at Sharp Physiotherapy were confident and persisted it was. I had a second opinion from another surgeon upon their recommendation and have had surgery for a sportsman hernia repair. Without their expertise and professionalism I'd be on the wrong path to recovery. I would not go any where else in the country if I had future problems. Best in the land without doubt.

MarcusShoulder Pain

Sharp Physiotherapy in Doncaster are outstanding. Joe saved me from having an 8k operation. The hospital surgeon told me I need surgery for a frozen shoulder and other complications. After 4 visits I had 80% movement back. 6 visits and I am 100% fixed. The best!

SherylSports Injury

I have had over 30 years of experience both as player and manager and i can say without hesitation that Joe is the best physio I have had the pleasure to work with.

As a Sports Massage therapist, I wouldn’t go to anyone other than Sam. His wealth of experience and knowledge shows in his professionalism and attention to detail. Sam has treated both my daughter and me and was able to diagnose specific injuries which were missed initially by the hospital. With careful and considered assessment, he was able to release an ongoing hip impingement which had reduced my range of movement and hindered yoga practice and running for more than a year.
Can’t recommend him highly enough and have the utmost respect for him.

LiamACL Injury

I would highly recommend Sharp Physiotherapy in Lincoln. after getting in touch regarding a knee injury they managed to get me in the next day. During the initial consultation, Sam recommended an MRI scan and gave me the details for a private company. I had the scan in under 2 weeks and confirmed an ACL rupture. Since then Sam has helped strengthen my knees up before my operation. I have been given clear bespoke plans on how to strengthen my knee and I can always contact and receive a quick reply for any queries. Sharp Physiotherapy went above e and beyond in helping me with my injury.

CharleneNeck Pain

After 2 years of pain and lots of appointments through the NHS, I had pretty much given up ever being pain free after being told it was in my head! After being recommended by friends at the gym, I had a telephone consultation with Sam for. From this point I felt understood. I saw Sam for in Lincoln for a Physiotherapy consultation and come away with a clear understanding of the causes and treatment plan. There were ongoing improvements from day 1 and Sam has ensured I've been able to maintain a gym routine safely throughout. I would 100% recommend Sharp Physiotherapy to anyone. Professional, personable and excellent in their field.

“I received a professional athlete's level of care”

James AshfordHamstring Injury
Play Video

Listen to James's Recovery Story

Am 47 years old and had a car accident 13 years ago leaving me with a plate in my wrist , nerve damage and Thoracic outlet syndrome. I had spent thousands on physio with little to no joy of managing my pain and discomfort. I could not sleep through the night , I would grind my teeth, I couldn’t get back in to a pool to swim , no one was able to touch my wrist. I didn’t let people close because I did not want people to know how much I struggled. I just couldn’t imagine growing older and coping with it all. Lucy has changed all this , she is amazing , I went swimming in the sea within 3 months of seeing her . I can let someone hold my hand , I sleep, never felt poorly after my appointments. Lucy as gave me my life back , hope , took away fear and anxiety and that ground hog day feeling. Listen to Lucy and you should go Far. Great team , great company have a lot to offer.
Emily Flemming
Emily Flemming
After several knee dislocations, I was considering surgery on my knee. However after a block of sessions with Joe, I am now the strongest I have been and no longer need surgery. I started only being able to walk for 15 mins pain free and now can run and walk pain free. The whole team are lovely and welcoming and it’s been a fantastic experience - would hugely recommend!
Tom Stretton
Tom Stretton
Could not speak highly enough of the team for how much they helped me. I reached out to them around a month post elbow surgery with very limited movement capability in my elbow. My injury was given a full review, after which the team put together a full exercise program for me to follow which allowed me to continue to make progress in between appointments. Even the specialist surgeons at the hospital commented on how quickly I was progressing in terms of regaining movement, all thanks to the team at Sharp. I even received scar tissue treatment as part of the sessions to help reduce sensitivity, which was above and beyond what other physio’s would generally do. Would definitely recommend!
Beth Garlick
Beth Garlick
Can't recommend Sharp Physiotherapy enough. After seeing Sam for a few sessions for a problem with my knee I was still able to do the half-marathon I had planned, and learnt so much about the issues I was having and how to prevent them going forward. They really listen to you and make it a comfortable experience.
Katy Moss
Katy Moss
Have had a great experienec with both Joe and Matthew, they both helped me massively with my back pain where with the odd bit of maintenance I am pain free. Thanks guys!
Sam Kent
Sam Kent
Joe and lucy at sharps physio and all the team Know there jobs inside out and not just the best physio about there Genuine lovely people couldn’t recommend enough
Emily Cahill
Emily Cahill
I highly recommend the team at Sharp Physiotherapy! Matt at Bawtry was excellent in all aspects of treatment, and is a great person. Thank you again!
Ella Walker
Ella Walker
Could not recommend Sharp Physiotherapy enough! After my hip arthroscopy my hip didn’t feel right and Joe and Lucy agreed. The team helped me find another surgeon for a second opinion and the surgeon agreed my hip was not right. I underwent another arthroscopy to sort out the issues from the first surgery and Lucy worked alongside the surgeon and treated me weekly to help with my hip. I then underwent a major hip surgery and then got an infection and Lucy was there to help with my rehab and treatment. I could not recommend Lucy enough she has helped me through so much, treating me, being extremely patient, understanding but also very knowledgeable. Lucy has been there for me and my family every step of the way! Lucy has worked alongside my surgeon to create a successful rehab plan. The team have managed to fit me in for appointments when I’ve been struggling with pain. I would not go anywhere else for Physiotherapy and can not recommend Lucy and Sharp physio enough!
Jayne Beilby
Jayne Beilby
Sharp Physio are the absolute best! I've tried several before but never stuck with it as they never solved the problem. Lucy, Joe and the whole team want to get to the root of the problem, sort that out, then work on building you up from there. I've referred several people now and they have all had great experiences for different ailments/injuries. I honestly wouldn't look anywhere else! Your'e getting local physio's who have worked at Olympic & pro sport levels. The premises are lovely too so you feel welcome and looked after but not in a hospital type environment.😊
Sarah Timmins
Sarah Timmins
I had tried many different practitioners over the years to help treat my headaches and neck pain with no one seeming able to help. Having seen a physiotherapist for 6 months with no results and then finally going to my gp who seemed clueless, I decided to give Sharp Physiotherapy a go. I was skeptical and unsure that they could help after many years of unsuccessful treatments. I had a telephone consultation and session with Sam T who put me at ease telling me that he was confident he could help. After my first session my headaches were instantly better, I was not expecting that at all. For years I have been in pain which has taken over my life and now I feel like my old self again and more importantly pain free! Sam seems to know where to target the pain and release the tension in my head and neck. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharp Physiotherapy to anyone, they are a fab team and very helpful.

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